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Does Your Company Need Office Compliance Management Services?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Compliance is a vital administration practice.  It ensures everybody at your office follows the rules and this helps prevent any accidents or damages.  When rules are not followed thoroughly, it can cause losses both to you and your clients, a fire or worse, it could land you in jail.

It might sound like these getting compliance services is a lot of work, but Office Compliance Management works in ways to make your work life easier.  These measures will help you avoid heavy legal fines, employee compensation, improve work efficiency of staff and also assist in maintaining long relationships with clients.  If you are new to compliance, this article will guide you on why compliance for electrical safety, fire safety and health and safety matters at your workplace and why you should choose Office Compliance Management.

Electrical safety compliance

There are laws laid out in the UK to protect you, the company, and your employees from electrical danger.  As the responsible person for the company, you should always be electrically safe and compliant with The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989). Faulty appliances, wiring or faulty installations can harm people and can also cause damage to your property.

Office Compliance Management will attend your site and carry out the necessary works and make sure you’re electrically compliant.  

Fire safety compliance

Fire safety ensures your work premises are equipped to handle emergency fire situations.  It is your legal responsibility to comply with fire safety regulations at your company.  It can be a daunting task to ensure all fire safety equipment is installed in your office premises but can be lifesaving in times of an emergency.

To ensure you comply with the safety standards, get your fire alarm tested and fire extinguishers serviced by Office Compliance Management.  They can carry out a fire risk assessment of your site that will check the necessary fire safety measures like evacuation routes, fire safety installations, occupancy limits and most importantly help you comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Health and safety compliance

Health and safety compliance is imperative for companies because it can save you from incurring heavy losses in the event an employee has an accident whilst at work.

A health and safety risk assessment will check whether your workplace is a safe place to work and we will work with you so that your business becomes compliant and meets health and safety guidelines, saves your company from unnecessary accidents to keep you the right side of the law.

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