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Fire Warden Training/Awareness Training in London 



The purpose of a fire warden training and fire awareness training course is to ensure fire wardens and members of staff responsible for fire safety have the necessary knowledge and are aware of their duties and risk in the event of the fire.


The content of the course covers - 


  • Legal Framework

  • Theory of fire, fire spread and combustion

  • Types of fire

  • Types of extinguishers and how to use them (theory only)

  • Human behaviour in the event of a fire

  • Fire Evacuation

  • Duties of the Fire Wardens (Marshals)

  • Common causes of fire in the workplace

  • Fire prevention

  • Fire protection




The Regulatory Reform(Fire Safety) Order 2005 puts a legal requirement on all employers and/or those in control of the buildings to ensure that in the event of the fire there is a suitable number of trained personnel to assist with the evacuation of the staff and visitors.


Why provide fire training?  

  • It saves lives

  • It's the law - employers are legally required to provide training to employees on fire precautions in the workplace 

  • Prevention is the best cure when it comes to fire, as it stops them happening 



The law doesn’t state the frequency of the training only that it should be suitable. Industry standards recommend a refresher course every 24-36 months.




We offer the course at your office.  Our instructor will assess your staff during the course (there is no formal examination) and we will provide certification following the completion of the course.  The course takes approximately 90 minutes - 2 hours. 




The number of Fire Wardens required will be identified by your Fire Risk AssessmentFor example, high-risk sites such as residential care homes will need a greater number of wardens than a low-risk office.  You will need to ensure that you have enough Fire Wardens to cover your business in the event of a fire.  If you work in a small office with 1 floor, you may only need 2 but if you are on a large site with several floors/buildings operating 24 hours a day, you will need to ensure you have cover for each floor and building for all shifts, accounting for lunch breaks, sickness and holiday cover. 


Testimonials for Fire Warden Training in London

"The training was very interesting and well received by all staff members that attended" 



Medical Practise 

"Just a quick email to say thanks for delivering our companies fire warden training yesterday.  It was the right length and delivered well.  The videos were a great way of highlighting the facts discussed and making sure everyone understand the risks and importance of following protocols during the event of a fire"


Medical Practise Manager 

"Because your training is so fabulous – would you be able to book in another one?" 


Executive Assistant

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