When we conduct Fire Risk as well as Health and Safety assessments, we see many of the same things

The common issues we see over and over are: -


Fire doors wedged open.

Fire extinguishers used to prop open fire doors.

Fire doors are the key thing to stop a fire spreading throughout a building.

Fire extinguishers either not on their wall mounts or on a specially designed stand.

A small fire can be put out if you get to a fire extinguisher easily and know how to use it.

Fire escape routes obstructed.

Sources of combustion in the main evacuation route.

Fire escape doors locked.

Something you can become blind to after seeing daily. If you ever have to use one in an emergency, you will see the problem.

Sources of combustion (paper rubbish) right next to a radiator.

Sources of combustion stored in the mains incomer or riser (commonly where the electricity enters your building/floor, and the fuse board is located)

If a spark has something to catch it will turn into a fire.

The multiple uses of extension leads (Daisy-chaining)

Trip hazards from power cables. 


In a busy workplace, it can be difficult but all the above can be easily avoided, they just need to be highlighted and then the management of them kept up to date by you.

Locked off fuse board

Occasionally we come across some installations when were out testing that are just too unsafe and need to the locked off.

Fire Alarm Testing London

Just some of the things we find when clients fire alarms are faulty and keep going into fire! easier to sort out the issue then keep cotton wool in the sounder

PAT Testing London

A dangerous plug on an appliance that was in use in a restaurant

Fire Risk Assessment

Trip hazards like this can easily be avoided by having additional power points installed in the office

PAT Testing

A plug that was found in use plugged into a 4 way adaptor. A potential fire risk, and one that can easily be avoided with a regular PAT Testing programme in place

Reactive Maintenance London

An already damaged socket was found to have an appliance wired into it minus the plug. This is an extremely dangerous thing to do and one of the worst cases we have seen.

Reactive Maintenance London

European plugs should never be forced into UK sockets

Reactive Maintenance London

The results of forcing European plugs into UK sockets

Fire Extinguisher Servicing London

A common sight that is seen in a lot of offices we visit.

Fire Risk Assessments London

Means of escape should be kept clear at all times and not obstructed, or padlocked

Fire Risk Assessment London

The desk should be removed or re positioned to ensure there is minimum 850mm wide fire escape. (width based on the current occupancy)

Fire Risk Assessment London

Fire Exits obstructed All Fire Exits and fire escape routes should be free from obstructions and trip hazards always. Introduce additional checks and educate staff and contractors to prevent re-occurrence.

Fixed Wire Testing London

The importance of fixed wire testing. Our engineer opened up the fuse board to find this. A potential fire averted.

Fixed Wire Testing London

Exposed connections Poor electrical connections Connections not in an approved joint box Connections insulated with electrical tape Cables unsupported Risk of fire and electric shock. All within a locked wooden cupboard.

Reactive Maintenance London

Found in a restaurant during a call out to sort out another fault. Our engineer changed the plug and advised the site to remove the appliance from being too near the heat source

Reactive Maintenance London

Cracked case - we replace thousands of plugs each year just like this one.

Fire Risk Assessment London

Having clutter build up like this is a fire hazard and should be stored correctly or binned

Fire Extinguisher Servicing London

Fire extinguishers are not a place to hang coats.

PAT Testing London

Cables should be kept as tidy as possible and not trail like this. Extension reels should be unwound fully and cable trays used

PAT Testing London

Over extending the appliance lead is not a great idea. Additional sockets should be installed so this does not happen

4 way extension lead

This was found during PAT Testing and was still in use until we took it out of service.

PAT Testing London

Our engineers won't leave your appliances looking like this

Fire Extinguisher Servicing London

Our fire extinguisher servicing includes replacing missing signs

Reactive Maintenance London

This was still in use. Our reactive maintenance service would replace this switch so it is safe to use.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing London

Having clutter around a fire extinguisher means that in times of need it will not be as accessible as it should be. General housekeeping is all that is needed here

Fire Risk Assessment London

You can just make out the fuseboard behind all the clutter in the cupboard. General housekeeping is all that is needed here

PAT Testing London

Found during PAT Testing at a site in London

PAT Testing London

We see this all the time, labels stuck onto plug tops. Our engineers will discreetly place our labels onto the appliance or around the cable, so not to look unsightly.

Fixed Wire Testing London

These cupboards are to house the fuse board, not to store rugs and other items in which can be a fire hazard

PAT Testing London

A non compliant BS adaptor, that does not contain a fuse picked up during PAT Testing

Fixed Wire Testing London

A cracked fuseboard cover is classed as a code 1 - danger of death

Reactive Maintenance London

Our electricians can replace these in no time at all.


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