When we conduct Fire Risk as well as Health and Safety assessments we see many of the same things

The common issues we see over and over are: -


Fire doors wedged open.

Fire extinguishers used to prop open fire doors.

Fire doors are the key thing to stop a fire spreading throughout a building.

Fire extinguishers either not on their wall mounts or on a specially designed stand.

A small fire can be put out if you get to a fire extinguisher easily and know how to use it.

Fire escape routes obstructed.

Sources of combustion in the main evacuation route.

Fire escape doors locked.

Something you can become blind to after seeing daily. If you ever have to use one in an emergency you will see the problem.

Sources of combustion (paper rubbish) right next to a radiator.

Sources of combustion stored in the mains incomer or riser (commonly where the electricity enters your building/floor and the fuse board is located)

If a spark has something to catch it will turn into a fire.

The multiple uses of extension leads (Daisy-chaining)

Trip hazards from power cables. 


In a busy workplace, it can be difficult but all of the above can be easily avoided, they just need to be highlighted and then the management of them kept up to date by you.


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