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LED Lighting 




LED or Light Emitting Diodes mostly come in the same sizes as standard light bulbs.

You can switch just your bulbs to LED but for maximum efficiency, it is best to also change the fittings to those designed for LED bulbs at the same time.



LED lights are far more energy efficient.

Whereas standard lighting uses 80% of the energy-producing heat and only 20% on light. LED lights use 80% of the energy on light and only 20% in heat.

LED lights have a much longer life span than standard bulbs, consider this: you will rarely replace them. Energy Star–rated lights are guaranteed to last 35,000 - 50,000 hours with normal use, and 70% of light to still be emitted from the light after specified hours lifespan.

The long lifespans and low energy use make LED's economically attractive because even though the fittings cost more, the running and maintenance bills are lower.

LED is an ideal product for office environments, where lighting is often left on for 24 hours per day - the potential for reducing electricity demand is therefore extremely high.



As soon possible, the earlier you have LED lighting installed the quicker you will see the benefits and a return on investment on the installation. 


When a company commit to achieving ISO 1401 Environmental Management system.




An LED light site survey would need to be undertaken by Office Compliance Managements engineers to find out your requirements and to see what works need to be undertaken.  A no obligation quote would then be sent to you along with a return on investment for the installation.  Helping you with your electrical compliance and any ISO environmental accreditation's.


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