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Thermal Imaging 



Thermal imaging is where the photographs are made up of heat signatures rather than light.  This means that you can see things that would otherwise be hidden or invisible.


The following can be thermally imaged - Electrical Distribution Systems (DBs, MCCB, mains Incoming cables, machine electrical control panels.  Mechanical equipment drives, bearings and rotating components. Building envelope surveys, chilled warehousing.  Finding the faults early on can lead to substantial cost savings later on. 




The main use of thermal imaging is in a preventative role.   Looking for poor performing, overloaded components and cables, as well as any "hot spots" that can lead to failure in electrical systems, catching them at an early stage.  Other uses include looking for overheated items.  Energy conservation, on commercial and residential buildings, underfloor heating faults, steam system insulation's and chilled warehousing insulation failures.




As an annual or biannual preventative and predictive maintenance program as well as providing asset protection insurance.




By using infrared cameras to detect temperatures that indicate faults these can be hot spots or cold spots depending on the environment.  Working closely with your own operational or maintenance staff, we will identify key structural, electrical, and mechanical systems to be thermally surveyed and a series of Infrared and visual images will be taken and used to produce a detailed fault report and archive of the whole survey showing all infrared images of the whole survey. Recommendations on monitoring and repairs are included in our reports. Maintenance staff will be debriefed at the end of the day enabling any high priority faults to be actioned immediately.  We can identify imminent equipment and component failure that can lead to costly downtime.





Office Compliance Management's thermographer has 35 years of engineering experience in several fields and a level 2 in thermal imaging. 

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