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Fire Alarm Testing in London


To safeguard the safety of relevant persons, the responsible person must ensure that (a)the premises are, to the extent that it is appropriate, equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment and with fire detectors and alarms.

A working fire alarm system should give enough warning to save lives and give firefighters enough time to limit property damage.




Over time smoke detectors become less sensitive, standby batteries in control panels can become weak and general faults develop. This can lead to false alarms or in the worst case a fire not being detected.

For more details please see the link below.





Fire alarm testing should be done at the following recommended intervals -



Weekly                We can show you how to conduct a weekly check.


6 Monthly            This needs to be completed by a qualified engineer.


Annual                 This needs to be completed by a qualified engineer.




Ensure the fire alarm is designed and installed appropriately for the use of the premises. Advice and quote to make appropriate changes as necessary.


  • All smoke and heat detectors are tested for functionality, including all manual call points (red break glass units)

  • Bells and sounders are operated and assessed to ensure they provide sufficient sound levels in all areas.

  • Fire alarm panels, batteries and cable joints are checked (where accessible)

  • All checks are logged in the fire alarm logbook.



Testimonials for Fire Alarm Testing in London

"We would like to thank Office Compliance Management for the high quality of workmanship and professionalism shown when completing the Fire alarm testing"


Office Manager 

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