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A Guide On Fire Risk Assessments

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

A Fire risk assessment is all about identifying hazards and taking steps to prevent fire in order to protect the safety of individuals.

It’s a careful look at your premises and the people who use them, from a safe and fire prevention perspective.

A Fire Risk Assessment is about understanding the potential risks and then improving your fire safety precautions for keeping people safe.

Carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment is definitely an important component of fire safety, and with such importance you should make it a priority.

A fire risk assessment can help you determine the chances of a fire starting and the dangers from that fire. Moreover, it also includes understanding that the premises you’re responsible for should be safe for the people who use them and any person in the immediate vicinity.

However, by making fire safety a priority, you can ensure the safety of everyone. So, if you’re the responsible person of a building or an office, you should definitely consider a fire risk assessment. It is something that can save lives!

If you are wondering about the aim of fire risk assessment, then just keep on reading!

The aim of fire risk assessment:

To comply with the Fire Safety Order 2005

To Identify the fire hazards and any individuals that may be at risk.

Reducing the risk of the hazards causing fire.

To decide what physical fire precautions and management arrangements are necessary to ensure the safety of people in your premises in case fire starts.

Places that must carry out a fire risk assessment:

Places that must carry out fire risk assessments includes Offices, Shops and other retail premises, Hospitals and social care homes, Schools and other education settings, Construction sites, Pubs, bars, cafés, and restaurants, worship places, Community premises and sports centres, Factories and warehouses, Shared accommodation areas, Tents and marquees, Hotels and other premises that serve paying guests, rented properties and accommodation, or if you employ 5 or more staff

Benefits of having fire risk assessment:

Legal Compliance:

It’s legally important to conduct a fire risk assessment on almost all work premises, to comply with the fire safety order 2005.  For the sake of the safety of individuals, a fire risk assessment is something that can help you avoid mishaps.

Promotes safety culture:

With fire risk assessment, you promote a safety culture that can turn out to be quite beneficial for the whole society. Accepting and promoting safety is something that all of us should do.

Decreases risk level:

One of the main benefits of fire risk assessment is that you have any issues highlighted and an action plan to work towards making you compliant.  

Peace of mind:

When you live or work in a risk-free environment, you’ll have peace of mind. In such a case, you don’t need to worry about getting stuck in life-threatening situations.

Carrying out a fire risk assessment can turn out to be highly beneficial and life saver for every individual out there, so take a step ahead, do some research, hunt for experienced professionals and get the best fire risk assessment services.

Well, in this case, Office Compliance Management can turn out to be the right choice for you.

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